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Anyone can take part! Unique team building!

Dragon Boat Events in London

Are you looking for a fun, active and competitive team building event in London? Look no further!

NewWave Events offers Dragon Boat Racing Events in various popular locations in London. It is the perfect activity to bring your team out into nature whilst keeping your team engaged and active. Dragon Boat Racing is a fast-growing, colourful water-based activity suitable for anyone.

No previous experience is necessary, and our experienced team will take your crew through all necessary training on the day.

We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your dragon boat racing event and will suggest the best event structure to make sure your event runs smoothly and is exactly what you are looking for! To make it easy for you we have created a recommended venue list, with venues in and around London.

Our dragon boat racing events in London range from small 20 + people events or 500 + large Regatta events and even festivals such as our London Construction Dragon Boat Challenge.

Dragon Boat Festival boat


Once all of the logistics are in place, we will all meet at the chosen London venue. We always prepare a dragon boat race schedule, so everyone knows where they need to be. Our team will arrive beforehand to set up the event ready for the crews. Crew managers will confirm their attendance and attend a meeting where our Event Manager talks about the day, venue facilities and what will happen next. Then… the races start! An important safety briefing will be delivered to each crew before they get out on the boat.

In the meantime, people can enjoy music, a BBQ and drinks enjoying the scenery and races. The dragon boat racing day is packed full of excitement and rivalry with teams checking their results and seeing if they have improved race after race. The day will end with and awards ceremony and champagne spraying!

We can also offer supporting activities such as inflatables, side stalls, archery and much more…providing you with the best event experience! View our range of other outdoor team building events which can work perfectly alongside of dragon boat racing in London!

Types of Dragon Boat Racing Events in London

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Dragon Boat Racing Venues in London

We can organise your dragon boat racing event in London at various locations. Have a look at our recommended venues page. If you have a venue in mind, give us a call and we will advise if the facilities are suitable for dragon boat racing.

Health benefits of Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is becoming a highly popular activity in London, due to a big demand for outdoor team building events and the arising need of improving wellbeing of delegates. London is filled with skyscrapers and busy lifestyles, but it also offers great locations for Dragon Boat Racing Events where your team can fully enjoy the outdoor experience, forgetting about the busy lifestyle for a while.

Dragon Boat Racing is a highly competitive sport and is a great form of exercise even if you are just a beginner. It is a high intensity, full body workout where your legs are your anchor and the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back drag the paddle through the water.

It’s not all about physical health benefits… research has proved that dragon boat racing reduces stress levels, improves self-esteem, increases energy levels, improves confidence and gives an individual feeling of accomplishment.

Team Building and Dragon Boat Racing

  • Satisfaction – Working as part of a team and finding the rhythm with people in the dragon boat makes you realise how powerful working together really is. The sense of achievement is incredible when and your team are working together towards the same goal!
  • Anyone can take part – Susan from HR or Matt from the creative team… people of all abilities, ages and fitness levels can enjoy dragon boat racing. There is no rule as long as you all work together.
  • The real team building – many team building activities are dependent on people’s skills and expertise, whereas dragon boat racing is different. We have full ladies squads beat a team of hugely competitive, muscular men. Want to know how? They were working together in sync paying attention to teamwork and not how fast they can paddle.
  • Healthy competition – Corporate groups enjoy dragon boat racing because it creates healthy competition outside of the office. They can communicate, engage and talk about common interests.
  • Making meaningful relationships – spending the whole day together and interacting can create new connections and friendships. We found that people who are racing together in the dragon boat are more likely to acknowledge each other back in the office and some become work friends!
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