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Rotary Dragon Boat Events

Anyone can take part!

Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Events - Specially designed for your requirements

Firstly, we want to thank you for taking your time to read about Dragon Boat Racing with NewWave Events. We work hard to ensure our events stand out and are top quality. If you have landed on this page, it is likely you are thinking of planning your Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Event or looking for fundraising ideas. We are here to help, so have a read of the below information and get in touch with any questions.

Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Events

We are proudly working with Rotary Clubs all over the UK providing dragon boat racing events for many participants and spectators! NewWave Events work closely with the Rotary Clubs to ensure the dragon boat racing runs smoothly and provides the much-needed entertainment for everyone involved. It is not only Dragon Boat Racing, but also a whole community coming together to support various charities. It is the atmosphere, the music and the people that get together each year for their annual event that makes it an amazing unforgettable day out!

Rotary Dragon Boat Racing – Why NewWave Events?

NewWave Events are committed to expanding the awareness of Rotary Clubs all around the country to maximise fundraising efforts and to increase membership opportunities that arise from the dragon boat racing events organised. Over the years, we have created a bespoke package specially designed to suit the rotary dragon boat racing events. We are always on the other end of the phone to discuss any special requirements and we always communicate regularly with the Rotary Clubs, which we know is an important aspect of planning a large-scale dragon boat racing event. If your Rotary Club has never been involved in organising a dragon boat event – we are here to guide you through every aspect of planning and preparation, giving you all the help and tips you may need!

Most Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Events organised by us turned into an annual fundraiser, raising thousands of pounds each year. We would not be able to make it without our fantastic staff members who entertain and engage with participants throughout the event. Their knowledge and charismatic approach are what sets us apart from the others. They truly care about your experience and safety, and if the participants are having fun, so are they!

We travel all around the UK and can suggest the most suitable venue for your event. If you have a preferred venue, we can talk you through our requirements.


Planning your Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Event?

If you are a Rotary Club representative you can either give us a call or email . We will provide you with our availability and non-obligatory quote and talk you through further details of your Rotary Dragon Boat Event. If you decide that you want to work with NewWave Events we will start the process of confirming further details. We are a friendly bunch so do not hesitate to ask any questions!

To find out more about planning your Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Event you can read our useful guide, which will give you an idea of the process. Visit: How to plan a Charity Dragon Boat Event

More about NewWave Events

We know it is all about the trust, so rest assured that your Rotary Dragon Boat Event is in safe hands. We are members of the British Dragon Boat Racing Association (BDA) , we have a compulsory training for our staff each year to ensure they are fully qualified, and we hold £10 million public liability insurance. If you want to find out more about NewWave Events, you can read about our story here: About Us

We take safety on our Rotary Dragon Boat Racing Events very seriously, want to know more? Check out our Health & Safety guide: 

Some of the Rotary Clubs we have worked with before:

Northampton Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge

Rotary Nene Valley Dragons 

Totnes Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge 

Anywhere, Anytime...

We organise corporate dragon boat racing events all around the UK including cities like London, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Gloucester, Bath, and we also regularly run events at private venues in Slough, Egham, Skipton and pretty much all around the country! View a list of our recommended venues suitable for dragon boat racing events.


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