Dragon Boat Racing at The Eyot Centre, Henley-on-Thames

Dragon Boat Racing at The Eyot Centre, Henley-on-Thames

If you’re on the hunt for a thrilling dragon boat racing experience in Henley-on-Thames, covering areas like Reading, Slough and Maidenhead, look no further! The Eyot Centre is your ultimate destination for action-packed dragon boat racing adventures. We bring the thrill of this team-focused sport right to Henley-on-Thames.

Dragon boat racing is quickly becoming a top pick for corporate team building activities in the South East. Its rising fame is due to the region’s stunning natural settings, the sport’s emphasis on flawless teamwork, and its ability to bring people together. The physical challenges of the sport encourage team bonding and create enduring connections among participants. The competitive nature of dragon boat racing also boosts team morale and unity, essential elements for successful team building. Additionally, the South East offers captivating waterways, a rich cultural history, and a lively arts scene, making it the perfect setting for your dragon boat racing event.

Discover more about The Eyot Centre and the incredible opportunities it presents for your dragon boat racing day near Reading!

Our first-rate events team will make sure you and your team maximise the day’s potential, and the best part? No prior experience is needed!

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How does the dragon boat racing work?

Now that you’ve decided on a dragon boat racing event near Reading, NewWave Events can help you to organise the perfect day! Firstly, let us know an approximate number of participants and we will be able to provide you with an accurate dragon boat racing proposal for your group. The event usually runs with 3 rounds of heats, semi finals and a grand final and depending on your numbers, we will suggest the best racing format for your team. Our events are suitable for small groups of 22 + as well as 500 or more! 

Never seen dragon boats in action? Take a look at the video from one of our large charity dragon boat events.

About The Eyot Centre, Henley-on-Thames

Nestled in the picturesque town of Henley-on-Thames, near Reading, the Eyot Centre is a gem that offers a wide range of activities and facilities. It is situated near the iconic Henley Bridge, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Thames and the lush greenery of the meadows. The centre is a haven for water enthusiasts, boasting extensive grounds and easy access to the river.

The Eyot Centre boasts a range of facilities tailored to make every dragon boat event a memorable experience. The expansive water frontage allows for multiple dragon boats to be on the water simultaneously, promoting a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. The centre’s grounds offer ample space for spectators, making it a hub of excitement during the races.

The Eyot Centre boasts a sophisticated event space, measuring 8.5m x 14.5m, adorned with a plush carpeted floor. It can comfortably host 100 guests in a cabaret seating arrangement or accommodate 150 attendees in a conference setup.

Adjacent to the event space, a well-equipped kitchen stands ready to facilitate the serving of refreshments. For larger functions, the incorporation of a mobile kitchen ensures that catering needs are met with efficiency and elegance.

Accessibility is a hallmark of the Eyot Centre. The venue is equipped with a ramp for easy access, and individuals using wheelchairs will find the changing rooms, showers, and toilets accommodating and easily accessible.

Nature lovers and attendees seeking a breath of fresh air can step out onto a covered viewing platform that overlooks the serene riverside, offering picturesque views and a moment of tranquillity.

For more information about this exceptional venue, visit: The Eyot Centre

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Why NewWave Events?

NewWave Events provides excellent communication before, during and after your dragon boat racing event. We will take care of the organisation of the event on the day so you don’t have to worry about a single thing – you can join in on the races! We are not only a dragon boat racing supplier but also a professional events company which means we will take care of venue arrangements and the schedule of the day, so everyone is in the right place at the right time! It’s a pleasure for us and a weight off your shoulders!

Let us help you organise the best dragon boat racing event near Reading!

What’s provided on the day

  • The services of one of our experienced event managers prior to and during your event
  • Liaison with the venue to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place
  • Fully equipped 30’ (up to 11 person) dragon boats
  • Trained staff (registered with Sport Governing Body)
  • Event control gazebo
  • Buoyancy aids & paddles
  • Professional emergency medical technician with response kit
  • Race equipment & radios
  • PA system and MC with race commentary
  • Venue decoration – authentic Chinese dragon flags on bamboo poles
  • Race schedule and computerized results service
  • £10m Public and equipment liability insurance
  • And much more… enquire today for a full breakdown!

We will ensure that the event runs smoothly and safely, and can provide additional services such as catering and entertainment to enhance the experience for your participants and spectators. NewWave Events will help to make your event a success and provide a positive and memorable experience for all involved!